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Island of Love

Hi guys! This is going to be my first blog about travel :)

I never thought that I'll fall in love with this place! Seriously, I mean this place is rocking every ads in town. But I guarantee you, once you get there, you don't want to leave that place anymore.


Common name right? It is a common word that tourists talk about. It is too popular that you'll get tired of hearing about that place. That's what happened to me. haha!


There are a lot of ways to go there.

By Air

It usually takes 30-45 min. to get to the island of Caticlan via Cebu Pacific Airlines
You can also book flights from Manila-Kalibo although it takes more time because after arriving at Kalibo International Airport you will need to ride a bus or a van going to Caticlan.
You can also book flights at Philippine airline and Zest Airways (Manila-Kalibo)

By Sea

If you are more adventurous, on a budget and wants to kill time,you can ride Roll-on Roll-off (Roro) vessels from Batangas Port to Caticlan Jetty Port which usually takes 8-10 hours of travel.
There is also a Passenger vessel called 2GO. They offer 2 trips a day from Batangas to Caticlan.

By Land

Now, this is what I call "WALLET SAVER, SUPER TIME KILLER". It literally saves a lot of your money but definitely wastes a lot of your time. Although some friends of mine said that the trip was worth it as you can see a lot of different places and sceneries. If you are brave enough to try this trip, I SALUTE YOU! :)
I don't know much about the bus companies that offer trips to Caticlan but there's one company that I know and that is Dimple Star Bus company.


This is the back part of Boracay Island. Usually, when rainy season starts, this is where all water activites are held.  The other side is where the famous beach white sand beach is located. It is a long stretch that's divided into three. Stations 1, 2 and 3.

Where to stay?

There are a lot of hotels to choose from. Especially online. We stayed in this wonderful Resort Hotel named La Carmela de Boracay. It is located along station 2 of the island.

Where to eat?

Usually, almost all hotels have its own restaurant where you can eat. You can also try other restaurants located along the island. Some restaurants offer buffet meals but make sure you come early for dinner because i guarantee you, it won't last long!

What to do?

This is the best part for me. As a first timer in Boracay Island, all I was thinking is swimming, BUT there are many exciting activities to do. Our first activity, was helmet diving. Others call it sea/marine walk. It was real fun for me obviously because it was my first time.

Helmet diving/Sea Walking

The Night Life

This is also a MUST TRY if you want to relax and grab a beer before sleeping.
You will see a lot of Bars along the island and it is usually open til 3am. We tried this place called Summers Place. It was awesome,  the place was packed!

Next day we tried riding the "buggy car" as they say. All I thought was I will drive around the island for 1 hour and that's it. Then the guide told me that we will drop by to 2 places. A mini zoo and the highest peak of the Boracay island where you can see the whole island.

The Buggy Experience

These are some of the views from the top! awesome feeling.

 Reminder: You will have to walk through a stairway and i think it is more than 100 steps. But what I guarantee you that BIG SMILE when you reach the top!

To end this story, and our last day in Boracay we thought we should try snorkeling activities, Parasailing and Island hoping.

This is the most exciting and best activity I have done so far. I was too scared to try it but when I realized I'm already on top, I don't want it to end anymore.


Snorkeling and Island hoping and riding a "banca".

So this is the end of our trip. This is just a FEW of the MANY things you can do in Boracay. Hope you guys enjoy reading this. If you are interested and it is your first time to go to Boracay or Philippines, don't hesitate to ask me. I will share everything I know and I will try to help you to have the best trip in this beautiful country.

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