Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freshies on the go!

Hi we are khen and hazel :) newbies in the world of blogging! We really had no plan creating blog until one time, Khen decided to create a blog site for the both of us.
Since we dont have much time to blog, we decided to share the same blog.Well atleast if the other one can't manage to blog, the other one can keep the blogsite updated. And we have a lot of things in common so we can share everything here. =) In this blog we will share our Passion for Fashion, Food and Travel.


I am a college student studying Hotel and Restaurant Management. People often say that I am 25 yrs old but I am not! I am only 20 years old.  Do I really look like a 25 year old guy? you judge guys! lol. I love travelling..A LOT! :)  and obviously eating is my hobby! haha. Please feel free to interact with me, share your stories and tips about food and different places. I am a very friendly guy though I don't look like one haha.

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I am a 20 year old EFL Instructor and just graduated last year. I plan on going to graduate school as soon as possible =) I just honestly fell in love with fashion right after I graduated from college (because I was a busybee when I was a student so I didn't have enough time to set my eyes on the fashion world) I realized that the world of fashion  is a fascinating place. Fashion impacts everyday life in many ways. I find interest in it and I enjoy shopping or wearing a new outfit. Nevertheless, I'm more of a budget fashion/friendly person. =) These things are my pleasures =)

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